Chairman Message

 TINDI  is one of the leading service companies of Medical equipment, consumable, pharmaceuticals and hospital operating in Libya sate. We provide to our clients many services that include market analysis, marketing, sales distribution and consulting, as well as in-licensing. We are primarily focused on Libya sate but we have plans for entering/expanding to  other regional countries in near future. Our unique blend of innovation, quality and marketing proficiency have a stable  platform to produce long term commitment with client resulting in mutually complete satisfaction. TINDI is utterly   committed to bringing new pharmaceuticals to patients in state of Libya.


  Founded by Mohammed Alrishi in 2015.TINDI is a dedicated distribution  company of Medical   equipment, Consumables, Pharmaceuticals and Hospital supplies.TINDI Co was established to assist   foreign companies in entering and   attaining success in Libya Pharmaceuticals marketing. TINDI   identified the   hardship foreign companies have in Tripoli, particularly in such a strictly regulated field as healthcare, TINDI uses its team experience in pharmaceuticals business and its understanding of the local market, to enable entering of new medicines into Libya.Our team is made up of experienced personnel with many years hands-on expertise in the healthcare sector, in addition to pharmacists and Doctors with several years experience in medical marketing and promotion with international companies. Our consumer range from both the public and private sector, we distributed our products to the over than 700 pharmacies around Libya and we have a plan to target not less than 1,500 consumer between Private and Public sector before ended of 2018 .

Busniess Mission


TINDI is one of the leading Medical equipment, Pharmaceuticals Sundries in Libya Market, We want to   ensure  that our products reach wide-ranging of Libya. Our aim is serving the needs  of Medical institutes,  Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies etc. where appropriate. Organization is day-to-day improvement in the areas of  marketing, sales, and marketing intelligence in order to satisfy all our clients’ needs.

Our Vision

  • Supply quality products that provide genuine value, sourced from leading   manufacturing from around the world.
  • We are going to  lead pharmaceuticals medical equipment consumable, health & beauty products distributed and marketing in Libyan market. Our strategy is to ensure the employment  of effective sales forces and maintain a periodic distribution system.                                                                  

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