Tindi is a specialist in distrbution and promotion, it represntes international laboratories. Tindi has developed its promotional network with following differant pharamtical companies:-


Was founded in 1996, specifically to respond to the development of  a new and unknown market: generic medicines.Providing patients with high-quality, well-known medicines whose patent has fallen into the public domain was a new  type of expertise that traditional laboratories did not possess.Since its creation, Biogaran is managed independently by a generic drug specialist: Pascal Brière.French laboratory, we now distribute more than 250 million boxes per year (source GERS September 2016) and have become in a few years the third laboratory in France in number of drugs delivered to patients(source GERS September 2016).

Thanks to our new and responsible approach to the drug, you have positioned.Biogaran as the french favorite drug brand. Please press this link for download it’s productions


  Created in 1986, EvoluPharm first positions itself as a purchasing center for major pharmacists and develops its first products to the brand. The founders realized that, in the long term, pharmacists will have to pool their resources and model themselves on distribution networks, particularly optics, to face competition and changes in the healthcare sector. A reading of the future which proves today more than topical.Please press this link for download it’s productions.

Krka, d. d., Novo mesto

Is a European pharmaceutical company specializing in generic medicines. Its head office is located in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. In 2012, the total turnover of the Krka Group amounted to 1,143.3 million euros. It has grown by an average of 12.8% in the last five years. With a strong international presence (90% of its sales), the KRKA laboratory has more than 40 subsidiaries and representative offices and distributes its products in more than 70 countries.

 It has nearly 10,000 employees. The company also has its own production and distribution centers in Russia, Poland, Croatia and Germany.Please press this link for download it’s productions.



Zydus is pharmaceticals (USA) Inc. is located   in Pennington, NJ, and is the U.S. division of Cadila Healthcare. Since  our first commercial launch in August of 2005, we have grown steadily and are now one of the top 10 U.S. generic companies in total prescriptions dispensed.Please press this link for download it’s productions.


 MEX is an export wholesaler approved by French authorities. MEX imports and exports pharmaceutical and para-medicinal products over 60 differentdestinations internationally.

MEX offers promotion and distribution services to laboratories in many countries.For more information about Mex products, please contact us.